SLM Göteborg is a community based organization with the purpose to make it easier for men who have sex with men and are interested in leather, fetishes and BDSM to connect with like minded people.

You can be acccepted as a member if you sympathize with the purpose of the organization and pay the membership fee. Membership in racist and neo-nazi organizations are not compatible with membership in SLM Göteborg.

You don’t have to be a member to participate in the activities but we encourage everyone to become members to raise the sense of community.

As a member of SLM Göteborg

  • you have the possibility to influence the activities of the association at the annual general meeting and possible member meetings
  • you pay lower entrance
  • you can visit other SLM-, ECMC- and ToE clubs without having to pay for membership there.

As a member of SLM Göteborg you are expected to

  • comply with statutes and regulations and the prescribed dress code
  • respect and show consideration for other members and their interests / fetishes

The membership fee is 350 SEK per calendar year. If you become a member after 1/8 the membership fee is reduced to 200 SEK.

Pay the membership fee via swish 1236877468 when you submit your membership application.

I would like to become a member