To enter the club you need to be dressed according to the announced dress code(s) for each event. Normally we accept all dress codes approved by SLM Göteborg. At some events a specific dress code is required – if so, this is announced in the event. Please respect this, as it will contribute to the good atmosphere at the event.

It’s always the staff in the entrance that approves if you are sufficiently dressed or not. To be on the safe side, give your outfit an extra boost to avoid being denied admission.

Nazi or other racist symbols or clothes are under no circumstances accepted. Weapons of any kind are not permitted at the club.

General about dress codes
Normally we don’t accept clothes with printed logos. Exception is made for brands well accepted within the fetish community e.g. Fred Perry, Lonsdale, Ben Sherman and Alpha Industries as well as ECMC/ToE-clubs.

Rules can vary between different clubs, thus all dress codes may not be accepted. Visit each club’s website before you make a visit to find out what applies.

Everyone does not fancy strong-scented perfume, aftershave, deodorant etc. Choose something more discreet so that those who enjoy the body’s natural fragrances can be satisfied.

Accepted dress codes

The MC guy is the leather scene’s archetype. Dressed in leather jeans, MC gear or leather chaps with or without a pair of jeans. For the upper body he has Uses a T-shirt or tank top (black or white without print, see above), leather vest and leather jacket or bare-chested with harness. Leather MC boots or shoes and sometimes a leather cap is also parts of the clothing.

Many have retained the style of the seventies when the leather culture took shape, but the new styles of MC and leather gear are also accepted.

The Rubber guy can be totally or partially in rubber. There are plenty to choose from, ranging from a pair of rubber shorts to a full rubber suit. There is a variety of equipment such as gloves in various designs, gas masks and boots/waders as well.

There are many professions requiring uniform, such as the policeman, the fire fighter or the security guard. They are normally dressed in the regular work uniform or dress uniform.

The military, officers and recruits are dressed in an army, navy or air force uniform. Camouflage trousers, and for example a sweater and camouflage jacket, are also accepted.

Skinhead / punk
The skinhead usually has a shaved or close-cropped head (up to 5 mm stubble). The boots are normally higher with 14 holes or more, e.g. Dr. Martens. The trousers are usually washed or bleached jeans (usually Levi’s, Lee or Wrangler) or camouflage. For the upper body a shirt, t-shirt or a polo shirt is worn and in some cases braces, a bomber jacket or bleached denim jacket as well.

He doesn’t wear any headgear.

The sports guy is dressed for the physically demanding sport to which he is engaged, such as soccer, American football, athletics, wrestling, swimming or bicycling. He dresses in the appropriate outfit for the sport, from top to toe. On his feet he wears shoes for the specific sport or sneakers.

Sports guys never mix the outfit with other dress codes. E.g. sneakers and leather jeans are never accepted, nor are sneakers with jeans and t-shirt.

This dress code includes construction workers, garbage collectors, plumbers, and lumberjacks among others. The basis for this dress code is working clothes including safety equipment such as visor, safety helmet and protective work-boots with steel-toe cap. You are not allowed to combine different professions. It is not sufficient with a chequered shirt and pair of jeans to be considered as a lumberjack.

It goes without saying – doesn’t it? Nudity is for everyone who likes to be naked. With one exception; for safety reasons you must wear boots or single-coloured sneakers when you visit the club. The sneakers may be not neon coloured.

Jocks & Underwear
You wear jockstraps or briefs/boxers without decoration print on the fabric. Labels or logotypes on the elastic band are accepted. Your upper body is either shirtless or you wear a black or white T-shirt/tank top. A harness works as well. Wear boots or single coloured sneakers, not neon coloured, on your feet.

Feet / shoes
Generally, black boots or heavy-duty shoes are required unless you have chosen another dress code (such as sports). It’s not allowed to be shoeless.

New to the scene or just don’t have a fancy wardrobe?

You don’t need to be dressed from head to toe, although it is appreciated and nice if you are. If you’re perhaps new to the fetish world, you may not have had time to build your wardrobe yet.

The basic requirement is:

  • Black or white t-shirt/tank top
  • Black or blue jeans of the basic model
  • Heavy black boots, for example military, work boots or skinhead

You can always change into your gear at the club if you prefer.